NJL Veggie Wrap - Master Case: 12 Pack*18

NJL Veggie Wrap - Master Case: 12 Pack*18


Master Case of Veggie Wrap contains; 18 units, of Mellow Fellow Veggie Wrap 12 Pack display boxes.

  • Smooth
  • Sweet
  • Light & Pure
  • Slow premium burn

Made exclusively with vegetables, Mellow Fellow Veggie Wraps have a smoother taste than traditional hemp rolling papers, while burning slower and more consistently than a tobacco blunt wrap.

Our patent pending Veggie Wraps have a smooth consistent pull with a hotter core temperature, intensifying your smoking experience.

There is a slight sweet taste at the end of the drag, complementing the full flavor of your product, for a pleasant cap off.

Enjoy a sesh without any tickle or irritation when you inhale…

MSRP, Margins, & Profit

Master Case:

  • MSRP: $645.84
  • Est. Distributor Profit: $90.00
  • Distributor Margin: 21%
  • Pricing Guide: Sales price per unit to Retailer; $23.99
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