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All Natural Smoke Wraps

Inspired by Rasta

Mellow Fellow All Natural smoke wraps are non-tobacco, vegan friendly, and GMO free. Our tobacco free blunt wraps are offered in three delicious forms:

Veggie Wrap: Mellow Fellow Veggie wraps are the perfect all natural alternative to a traditional blunt wrap. Our Vegetable blunt wraps are tobacco free, chemical free, while offering the smoothest, slow burning drag on the market. Mellow fellow veggie blunt wrap is vegan friendly and the most natural way to consume your herbs. Rejoice and enjoy an all-natural vegetable blunt. Green on green Seen!

Corn Husk: The healthier alternative to a natural hemp wrap or traditional rolling paper, Mellow Fellow Corn Husk Wraps are tobacco free, non gmo and most importantly, chemical free with zero additives. Our Corn husk rolling paper is earth’s natural substitute to the common rolling paper, while offering a smoother, crisp, slow burn.

Banana Leaf: the best tobacco blunt wrap alternative, Mellow Fellow Banana leaf wraps are all natural, non-tobacco, and offers a bold, smoky, slow burning experience without any harsh effects experienced with a  traditional tobacco wrap. 

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